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Today a report was published that revealed how our railway system is governed. It is a pretty damning assessment of how a fragmented industry cannot function without proper channels of communication and leadership.

It seems to me that our regulation of the environment suffers from the same fragmentation. There is a corpus of good environment legislation that, were it to be effectively applied, could make a significant difference to the problems of pollution and loss of biodiversity. However, the task of applying and enforcing this legislation is split between a number of regulators, the main three being; the Environment Agency, Natural England and the Local Authority. The end result of this rather artificial division of responsibilities is a less than effective application of legislation in defense of the environment.

Torridge District

An example of this is described in detail in this document.  This ‘note’ was recently sent to the EA, NE and to various members of Torridge District Council. I will update this post with the responses if and when they arrive.

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